CSWE-Accredited MSW Programs

Jessica White

Written by Jessica White

Community Mental Health Worker & Case Manager

Updated & Fact Checked: 3/18/2024

A social work career is a rewarding and challenging experience. It can allow someone to make a difference in their community and in the lives of others. If you are currently a social worker who is looking to advance your career, or if you’re someone who wants to earn an advanced degree and appreciates social work, it is a good idea to become familiar with the best educational options available. For social work, the best programs to attend are ones that have been accredited by the Council for Social Work Education (CSWE). The CSWE has a history of ensuring that schools provide a high-quality and innovative education. It also ensures that these schools are producing top-notch social workers who are educated and prepared to help those who are most in need. This list gives an overview of some of the schools that feature high-quality, CSWE-accredited MSW programs (LCSW Degrees). Some CSWE accredited MSW programs don’t require a GRE, and you can find those here. For those looking to pursue a doctoral-level education, here is a list of online DSW programs.

  1. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor – Master of Social Work
    The MSW program at UM provides students with a flexible social work education, preparing students to take on leadership roles, address complex social problems, and better their communities. Students have the option to enroll in a full-time, part-time, or MasterTrack program, as well as an online option for more flexibility. The length of the program is approximately two years and 60 credits. The “MasterTrack” is shorter and the part-time option is longer. There are many pathways that students can choose to focus on in this MSW program to personalize their education to their interests, including:
    • Global Social Work Practice
    • Interpersonal Practice in Integrated Health, Mental Health, & Substance Abuse
    • Management and Leadership
    • Older Adults and Families
    • Policy & Political Social Work
    • Program Evaluation & Applied Research
    • Welfare of Children and Families
  2. Tuition: $29,369 total

  3. University of Chicago – Master’s in Social Work
    The MSW degree program at the University of Chicago is intended to produce leaders in the world of social work who have a significant understanding of how intersectional factors impact a person’s life. The social worker should always be aware of how to link personal relationships with the ultimate goal of being able to effect change on a wide scale in order to improve their wellbeing and achieve social and economic justice for their community. Students have the option of choosing between two concentrations in the MSW program— the clinical concentration, or the social administration concentration. The first is for students who want to engage directly with clients through clinical practice, and the second is for those who want to take on the administration side of social welfare services at various agencies and community organizations. UC has a full time and advanced standing program, as well as an evening and part-time program available for students who need more flexibility.
    Tuition: $49,734 per year
  4. University of Washington – Master of Social Work
    The MSW program at University of Washington is designed for students who are passionate about social change. It is for those looking to become innovative leaders who seek to explore and face social challenges. With their day program, advanced standing, and extended degree program, there are flexible options for the varying needs of many students. Students will take courses on the history of social work, social justice, and policy. They will build core skills built on the understanding of diversity through direct clinical experience. The program educates students based on their guiding principles that emphasize critical thinking, respecting and valuing communities, and more. For those who are enrolled in the day or advanced standing programs, there are three specializations available for students to choose from: Administration and Policy Practice, Community-Centered Integrative Practice, and Clinical Social Work. For students enrolled in the extended program, Clinical Social Work is available. University of Washington offers financial assistance through their Child Welfare Training and Advancement Program.
    Tuition: $44,524 total, which includes fees
  5. Columbia University – Master’s of Social Work
    The Master of Science in Social Work program at Columbia University allows students to enjoy the flexibility of 100% online courses while gaining a high quality and innovative education through one of the top-rated schools. CU uses evidence-based methods combined with real-world clinical practice to teach students multiple perspectives to ingrain knowledge on how to solve issues surrounding social justice. Students who attend the University don’t necessarily participate solely digitally, as there are events all over the US through Columbia’s multiple research centers and events that are hosted by influential scholars. Columbia University offers students four specialization methods and seven practice fields to tailor their educational experience to their interests. When students are ready to gain clinical experience, CU has field placement sites all over the United States.
    Tuition: $88,704 total, which includes fees
  6. Boston College – Master of Social Work
    Social work students have many opportunities to learn what it takes to become top-notch professionals upon entering their careers at Boston College. While also performing their research, curriculum coursework, and projects, they spend several days a week working directly in the field applying what they have learned in locations such as nonprofits, schools, and hospitals. When students enter the program, they choose between clinical or macro practice. This specialization exposes students to therapeutic interventions and techniques. The macro intervention teaches students how to become leaders and advocates to affect change within organizations, communities, and at the policy level. There are also six fields of practice that students can choose between to make the program even more their own, and 10 certificates they can earn alongside the degree. Students can study the MSW program full time to finish in two years, or part time and finish in three.
    Tuition: $1,334 per credit hour, which includes fees
  7. Ohio State University – Master of Social Work
    Ohio State University has many different options available for students who want to pursue their masters degree in social work. They offer full-time, part-time, on campus, and online programs available. OSU prepares students to assess and intervene with clients in all systems of social work and with diverse and complex social problems. Graduates are familiar with how to combine research with their practice so both are informed by each other to create the best outcomes for their community and the individuals that they serve. They will embrace the diversity of these communities and individuals by practicing cultural humility and the professional ethics of social work practice that they will learn in the program and within their clinical internships. The traditional program that is offered online or on campus is 63 credits. The advanced standing program is 43 credits.
    Tuition: $26,000, which includes fees
  8. University of Denver – Master of Social Work
    At the University of Denver, the MSW social work program is committed to fostering an environment of scholars who are committed to social change. The program creates passion for responding to real world needs by educating students on how to become solution-seekers. The intention of the program is to produce graduates who are able to take what they have learned to better their communities. UD offers the opportunity to take courses overseas, which allows students the unique chance to further build their cultural competency. Fields placements in the program provide students with experience working with clients, the systems, and their community in a professional sense, with the support of supervisors and experienced master level social workers. There is also the opportunity to earn an online degree for those who need a more flexible option, and an advanced standing program for those who qualify.
    Tuition: $1,284 per credit hour + fees
  9. University of Pennsylvania – Master of Social Work
    The Masters of Social Work program at University of Pennsylvania prepares students for high-impact service delivery for the communities, individuals, and groups they serve within their practice. The curriculum and fieldwork that students will complete follows the social work profession’s core values, teaching students the importance of social justice, service, integrity, competence, and more, all of which lead to social change. University of Pennsylvania intends to produce graduates who embrace diversity in perspectives, identities, and life experiences. At UP, students enjoy small class sizes, which allows for networking and assistance from professors. In the program, students will complete three days a week in the field each year, and four courses per semester if in the full-time program.
    Tuition: $56,724, which includes fees
  10. Howard University – Master’s in Social Work
    At Howard University, the MSW degree is offered in a full-time, online, and advanced degree format. The advanced degree format is 45 credits, and a full-time program is 60 credits. Students choose a practice or a level of concentration and a field of practice in the program. Within this, they will take a foundational curriculum and take part in the field to practice their knowledge in the real world setting. The field experience takes approximately 16 to 20 hours per week depending on which year of education the student is in. When students apply, areas of concentration may change from year to year. There are also elective options at Howard University for students to choose between. These include courses in direct service, community organization, concentrations in the management of social services or others. Student advisors will be available whereupon students will have a consultation to determine which courses are best for them. Part-time enrollment is available as well for students who wish to take part in that option. The part-time curriculum takes three to four years.
    Tuition: $67,800 total, which includes fees
  11. New York University – Master of Social Work
    The Master of Social Work program at NYU is research-informed and intended to provide students with a unique educational experience with a social justice perspective through direct practice and evidence-based curriculum. There is a two year, advanced standing, and 16 month accelerated program option. Additionally, NYU offers the opportunity to become immersed in a global research or learning opportunity in one of their overseas programs, which can help those who choose to participate develop their perspectives and cultural competency. Students at NYU have a higher rate of passing the licensing exam (84%) their first time taking it than the rate of students in the US in general (76%). The MSW program also offers the opportunity to earn a dual degree in child development, lawn public health, or public administration.
    Tuition: $1,527 per term
  12. Smith College – Master of Social Work
    Smith College provides students with education on clinical theory and through curriculum on socio-cultural theory, social services, policy, and more, which they also apply through in-person practice. Students get to examine the way policy and service delivery works in the field, which gives them context to what they study in their courses. Their courses provide them information on the issues of how ethnicity, race, gender, class, and more are associated with oppression and inequality. The program works to intentionally expose racism and its consequences to teach students how to identify the issues and how to address them head on. There are also many electives from which students can choose to make their educational experience their own. To graduate, students will complete 60 quarter hours of internships, a variety of field seminars, community-based anti-racism experiences, core courses, and electives.
    Tuition: $33,885, per year, which includes fees
  13. University of Wisconsin, Madison – Master of Social Work
    In the first year, students will receive a generalist education in clinical social work that will provide them with foundational knowledge that they will need for advanced practice. The second year is when they will complete a generalist specialization, but also have the option to focus on a specific topic including mental health/health, child, youth, and family welfare, aging, or aging. Students will also choose between an emphasis of direct or indirect practiceThe courses that students choose will allow them to deepen their knowledge of social work practice as well as the values that it holds and the skill base of the framework.
    Tuition: $12,176 per year + fees
  14. Fordham University – Master of Social Work
    At Fordham University, students are educated with a future-focused curriculum where they are prepared to become a social worker who can succeed in every setting by being provided with tools and skills of a knowledgeable and ethical practice. Students have the option to attend the program through an on-campus, online, or hybrid model, which offers flexibility to students in a variety of situations. The program offers multiple advanced practice areas, including:
    • Individuals and Families
    • Organizations and Community
    • Evaluation
    • Policy Practice and Advocacy
  15. The 60 credit MSW program is broken down into 48 credits of classwork and 14 credits of experience in the field. The program also offers the chance for financial assistance through several fellowships and scholarships.
    Tuition: $995 per credit

  16. University of Illinois, Chicago – Master of Social Work
    The MSW program at UIC provides students with a generalist social work education in the student’s first year, and follows it up by building upon the foundation in the second year by focusing on a certain specialization. There’s an advanced curriculum in the second year as well that it’s specific to the specialization. Specialization options include mental health, organization and community practice, Justice systems, child and family services, and school social work. There are several flexible options available for students to choose between to fit their needs to take the program, including an advanced standing program, full-time program, and evening program. Students will complete field placements as a part of their degree. UIC is partnered with more than 300 organizations including agencies, hospitals, schools, and more to assist students to begin this requirement, which involves 450 hours in the field.
    Tuition: $5,935 per semester
  17. University of Maryland, Baltimore – Master of Social Work
    The University of Maryland’s master of social work program offers an engaging curriculum with global opportunities to expand the student’s perspectives. The program is designed to create knowledgeable social workers who will practice through a framework of social justice in all areas. There are five concentration options for students to decide between so they can customize their learning experience to their preference. These concentrations include:
    • Macro & Clinical Specializations
    • Aging
    • Community Action and Social Policy
    • Health
    • Families and Children
  18. Beyond the classroom, students will complete a field practicum that takes place either in social service agencies or within other service organizations. In the first year of the program, students will complete 16 hours a week in the field. In the second year, 24 hours a week will be required.
    Tuition: $15,442 per year + fees

  19. Arizona State University – Master of Social Work
    The Master of Social Work program at Arizona State University is offered fully online for working professionals who would like to explore earning a graduate degree or those who thrive in an online environment. ASU’s program focuses on important key areas that social work graduates are likely to face in their careers, including administration, behavioral health, policy practice, youth and families, and more. Students at ASU take courses in diversity, human behavior, micro and macro social work, social policy, ethics, mental health, and a variety of other courses to prepare students for a professional career. Additionally, although the program is online, students will complete fieldwork at a local organization that is approved by the MSW program to gain real-world experience and apply their knowledge.
    Tuition: $33,314 per year, which includes fees
  20. Tulane University – Master of Social Work
    Tulane University’s MSW program provides education to assist students in developing the skills to empower those in their community including individuals and family by providing personal support and encouraging social change. Students of various educational needs can choose between the on-campus or online program, and students with a BSW degree can complete a shorter version of the program through the Advanced Standing option. Additionally, for those who wish to tailor their MSW degree a bit more specifically, there is an option to complete the program with a focus area. There are two focus options: Disaster and Collective Trauma, or Mental Health, Addiction, and the Family. Students will come out of the program as leaders who are prepared to impact local, national, and global communities to enhance the wellbeing of all through evidence-informed and inclusive practice while encouraging future leaders to do the same.
    Tuition: $1,149 + fees
  21. University of Georgia – Master of Social Work
    The MSW program at University of Georgia demonstrates its commitment to excellence through educating their students with the most up-to-date evidence-based information on clinical social work. They have proven success with high rates of their students successfully passing the national licensing exam. This is achieved by the program educating students through research opportunities and impactful field internships as well as multiple additional certificates that students can earn alongside their degree. The program offers full-time, extended, or online options for attendance. Full-time students have the option to choose between micro, macro, and integrated practice specializations. Some students can also choose to earn a dual degree in social work and public health, law, or divinity. Each student is expected to learn the ethics, principles, and values of engaging in social work practice so as to appropriately influence the lives of their communities and the social policies that affect them.
    Tuition: $4,737 per semester + fees
  22. University of Alabama – Master of Social Work
    The University of Alabama MSW program meets the needs of working professionals by offering the option of a primarily online format option, or students can choose to attend class in person on campus if they prefer. The goal of the program is to produce graduates who can advocate for vulnerable and diverse clients through an evidence-based practice. Graduates should also be able to understand and analyze governmental and organizational policies in order to influence them. The mission of the program is for students to improve lives, enhance the betterment of their communities, and advocate for social and systemic change. There are two concentrations in the MSW program: Social Work with Children, Adolescents, and Their Families, and Social Work with Adults and Their Families. The various degree tracks offered by the university are as follows:
    • 1 year Advanced Standing Program
    • 2 Year 60 Credit Hour Program
    • 3+ Year Part Time Program
  23. Tuition: $5,550 per semester

  24. Temple University – Master of Social Work
    Temple University offers an online, on-campus, and part-time MSW program to meet the needs of many students. Depending on which option a student chooses to enroll in, they can earn their degree within two to four years. The program is customizable and students can choose between a range of concentrations and specializations. Students learn to become knowledgeable social workers by taking courses in research methods, public policy, ethics, social justice, human behavior, and more. They will receive training in how to advocate for those in their community who are most vulnerable, and learn how to best support them. The knowledge learned via the curriculum is applied in clinical practice through field placements.
    Tuition: $1,004 per credit + fees

What is a CSWE-Accredited MSW Program?

An CSWE-accredited Master of Social Work (MSW) program has gone through the process of achieving accreditation status by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). An MSW program is a graduate degree that is designed to equip students to become licensed clinical social workers (LCSW). An LCSW has the ability to perform mental health services such as assessing, diagnosing, and treating mental health conditions (such as performing therapy services). To become a licensed social worker, a candidate must take the licensing exam. A CSWE-accredited program is intended to help the student prepare for that exam as well as their future career. The program educates students through courses on human behavior, ethics, mental health, sociology, child development, policies, and more.

What is CSWE Accreditation?

Accreditation means that a college has met certain educational standards. The Council for Social Work Education (CSWE) is the accrediting organization for social work schools in the United States. The CSWE comprises over 800 universities and social work programs as well as over 2,500 professionals who are passionate about the quality and innovation of social work education. This organization has a Commission on Accreditation (COA) that is responsible for determining the criteria and standards that universities must meet to be considered accredited.

Why Choose a CSWE-Accredited School For My MSW Program?

CSWE accreditation means that they have determined that a university’s social work programs meet the highest standards of social work education. This ensures that you are attending an institution that is committed and equipped to help you prepare for the licensing exam and your future career. Additionally, it may be important to future employers that you have attended an accredited university. For some, this might even be a requirement. Another helpful part about attending a CSWE-accredited MSW program is that, if you ever need to move states, the process of transferring or getting a new license in that state might be easier. This is because the CSWE’s requirements for accreditation status create consistency across all accredited programs in the country. The best option for students could be pursuing an affordable CSWE accredited MSW program.

Requirements to Enroll in a CSWE-Accredited MSW Program

What you will need to submit in your application to each MSW degree program may differ slightly between universities, but most have similar requirements. When you are ready for the process of applying, here is what you will likely need.

  • Completion of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. You will have better success in the MSW program if the degree is in something like social work, sociology, psychology, or another related field. Earning a bachelor’s degree in social work will often allow you to take an accelerated advanced standing version of the MSW program.
  • A GPA of 2.5-3.0 at minimum depending on the program for which you are applying.
  • Transcripts. These will need to be either official or unofficial depending on the application requirements of the specific university to which you are applying.
  • A resume that details your professional experience.
  • A personal statement/essay. This portion of the application is based on a prompt that is provided by the university.
  • Letters of recommendation. Usually three or more are required, and should come from academic or professional individuals that you are acquainted with.
  • A background check. This step will need to be completed for when you begin fieldwork in the program.
  • Most CSWE-accredited programs do not require the GRE

CSWE Accredited MSW Programs

The following list of 145 MSW programs are accredited by the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE) which is the industry standard for accrediting social work education.
University NameCityStateProgram TitleProgram URL
Adelphi UniversityGarden CityNYMaster of Social Workhttps://www.adelphi.edu/social-work/
Albany State UniversityAlbanyGAMaster of Social Workhttps://www.asurams.edu/academic-affairs/collegeofprofstudies/social-work/index.php
Angelo State UniversitySan AngeloTXMaster of Social Workhttps://www.angelo.edu/dept/social-work/
Arizona State UniversityPhoenixAZMaster of Social Workhttps://socialwork.asu.edu/
Aurora UniversityAuroraILMaster of Social Workhttps://aurora.edu/academics/colleges-schools/social-work/index.html
Austin Peay State UniversityClarksvilleTNMaster of Social Workhttps://www.apsu.edu/socialwork/
Barry UniversityMiami ShoresFLMaster of Social Workhttps://www.barry.edu/social-work/
Baylor UniversityWacoTXMaster of Social Workhttps://www.boisestate.edu/socialwork/
Boise State UniversityBoiseIDMaster of Social Workhttps://www.boisestate.edu/socialwork/
Boston UniversityBostonMAMaster of Social Workhttp://www.bu.edu/ssw/
Brandman UniversityIrvineCAMaster of Social Workhttps://www.brandman.edu/academic-programs/arts-and-sciences/master-of-social-work
Brescia UniversityOwensboroKYMaster of Social Workhttp://www.brescia.edu/
Cairn UniversityLanghornePAMSW Onlinehttps://cairn.edu/programs/msw/
California Baptist UniversityRiversideCAMaster of Social Workhttp://www.calbaptist.edu/programs/master-of-social-work/
California State University, ChicoChicoCAMaster of Social Workhttps://www.csuchico.edu/swrk
California State University, FresnoFresnoCAMaster of Social Workhttps://www.fresnostate.edu/chhs/social-work/
California State University, NorthridgeNorthridgeCAMaster of Social Workhttps://www.csun.edu/social-behavioral-sciences/social-work
California State University, San BernardinoSan BernardinoCAMSW Degreehttps://www.csusb.edu/social-work/msw
California State University, StanislausTurlockCAMaster of Social Workhttps://www.csustan.edu/social-work
Campbellsville UniversityCampbellsvilleKYMaster of Social Workhttps://www.campbellsville.edu/academics/schools-and-colleges/carver-school-social-work/
Capella UniversityMinneapolisMNMaster of Social Workhttps://www.capella.edu/online-degrees/masters-social-work/
Carroll CollegeHelenaMTMSW Programhttps://www.carroll.edu/msw
Case Western Reserve UniversityClevelandOHMaster of Social Workhttps://case.edu/socialwork
Catholic University of AmericaWashingtonDCMaster of Social Workhttp://ncsss.cua.edu/
Chamberlain UniversityChicagoILMaster of Social Workhttps://chamberlain.edu/academics/online-health-professions-college/master-of-social-work
Cleveland State UniversityClevelandOHMaster of Social Workhttps://class.csuohio.edu/social-work/social-work
Colorado State UniversityFort CollinsCOMaster of Social Workhttps://www.chhs.colostate.edu/ssw/programs-and-degrees/master-of-social-work/
Columbia UniversityNew YorkNYMaster of Science in Social Workhttps://socialwork.columbia.edu/
Concord UniversityAthensWVMaster of Social Workhttps://www.concord.edu/sws
Daemen CollegeAmherstNYMSW Programhttps://www.daemen.edu/academics/areas-study/social-work/master-social-work-msw
Delaware State UniversityDoverDEMaster of Social Workhttps://chbs.desu.edu/departments/social-work
Dominican UniversityRiver ForestILMSW Degreehttps://degrees.dom.edu/msw
Dordt UniversitySioux CenterIAMaster of Social Workhttp://www.dordt.edu/academics/departments/social_work/
East Carolina UniversityGreenvilleNCMSW Degreehttps://hhp.ecu.edu/socw/msw/
East Tennessee State UniversityJohnson CityTNMaster of Social Workhttps://www.etsu.edu/crhs/socialwork/default.php
Eastern Kentucky UniversityRichmondKYMaster of Social Workhttps://ekuonline.eku.edu/social-work/social-work-masters-degree/
Eastern UniversitySaint DavidsPAMSW Onlinehttps://www.eastern.edu/academics/graduate-programs/master-social-work-msw-online
Edinboro University of PennsylvaniaEdinboroPAMaster of Social Workhttps://www.edinboro.edu/academics/majors-and-programs/programs/master-of-social-work/
Erikson InstituteChicagoILMaster of Social Workhttps://www.erikson.edu/graduate-education/masters-degrees/master-social-work/
Fairleigh Dickinson UniversityFlorham ParkNJMaster of Social Workhttps://online.fdu.edu/online-degrees/msw-master-social-work/
Florida State UniversityTallahasseeFLOnline MSWhttps://csw.fsu.edu/academics/master-social-work-msw/msw-overview
Fordham UniversityNew YorkNYMaster of Social Workhttps://www.fordham.edu/info/20348/graduate_school_of_social_service
Fort Hays State UniversityHaysKSMaster of Social Workhttps://www.fhsu.edu/socialwork/
George Mason UniversityFairfaxVAMaster of Social Workhttps://socialwork.gmu.edu/
Grand Canyon UniversityPhoenixAZMaster of Social Workhttps://www.gcu.edu/degree-programs/master-social-work
Humboldt State UniversityArcataCAMaster of Social Workhttps://socialwork.humboldt.edu/
Idaho State UniversityPocatelloIDMaster of Social Workhttps://www.isu.edu/sociology/programs/social-work/master-of-social-work/
Indiana UniversityIndianapolisINMaster of Social Workhttps://socialwork.iupui.edu/
Indiana Wesleyan UniversityMarionINMaster of Social Workhttps://www.indwes.edu/adult-graduate/programs/master-social-work/
Jackson State UniversityJacksonMSMaster of Social Workhttps://www.jsums.edu/socialwork/masters-of-social-work-program/
King UniversityBristolTNMaster of Social Workhttps://www.king.edu/programs/social-sciences/master-of-social-work/
Lancaster Bible CollegeLancasterPAMSW Onlinehttps://www.lbc.edu/msw
Liberty UniversityLynchburgVAMaster of Social Workhttps://www.liberty.edu/
Limestone UniversityGaffneySCMSW Degreehttps://limestone.edu/msw
Loma Linda UniversitySan BernardinoCAMaster of Social Workhttps://behavioralhealth.llu.edu/academics/social-work-and-social-ecology
Louisiana State University and A&M CollegeBaton RougeLAMaster of Social Workhttps://www.lsu.edu/chse/socialwork/index.php
Loyola University ChicagoChicagoILMaster of Social Workhttps://www.luc.edu/socialwork/
Metropolitan State University of DenverDenverCOMaster of Social Workhttp://www.msudenver.edu/socialwork
Michigan State UniversityEast LansingMIMSW Programhttps://socialwork.msu.edu/Programs/MSW
Millersville University of Pennsylvania and Shippensburg University CollaborativeShippensburgPAMaster of Social Workhttps://www.millersville.edu/socialwork/msw/
Missouri Baptist UniversitySt. LouisMOMaster of Social Workhttps://online.mobap.edu/online-master-of-social-work/
Missouri State UniversitySpringfieldMOMaster of Social Workhttps://www.missouristate.edu/swk/Graduate/
Morgan State UniversityBaltimoreMDMaster of Social Workhttps://www.morgan.edu/ssw
New Mexico Highlands UniversityAlbuquerqueNMMaster of Social Workhttps://www.nmhu.edu/landing-facundo-valdez-school-of-social-work/
New Mexico State UniversityLas CrucesNMMSW Programhttps://socialwork.nmsu.edu/generalist/msw/
Northcentral UniversityLa JollaCAMaster of Social Workhttps://www.ncu.edu/programs-degrees/masters/master-social-work#gref
Northern Arizona UniversityFlagstaffAZMaster of Social Workhttps://nau.edu/social-work/
Northern Michigan UniversityMarquetteMIMaster of Social Workhttps://www.nmu.edu/socialwork/home
Ohio State University, TheColumbusOHMSW Programhttps://csw.osu.edu/degrees-programs/msw/
Ohio UniversityAthensOHMaster of Social Workhttps://www.ohio.edu/chsp/social-work/graduate
Our Lady of the Lake UniversitySan AntonioTXMaster of Social Workhttps://www.ollusa.edu/worden-school/programs/master-of-social-work/index.html
Pacific Oaks CollegePasadenaCAOnline Master of Social Workhttps://www.pacificoaks.edu/academic-programs/online-master-of-social-work/
Portland State UniversityPortlandORMSW Programhttps://www.pdx.edu/social-work/msw-master-of-social-work
Radford UniversityRadfordVAMaster of Social Workhttps://www.radford.edu/content/wchs/home/social-work.html
Regis CollegeWestonMAMaster of Social Workhttps://online.regiscollege.edu/master-of-social-work/
Roberts Wesleyan CollegeRochesterNYMaster of Social Workhttps://www.roberts.edu/
Rutgers, The State University of New JerseyNew BrunswickNJMaster of Social Workhttps://socialwork.rutgers.edu/
Sacred Heart UniversityFairfieldCTMaster of Social Workhttps://www.sacredheart.edu/academics/colleges–schools/school-of-social-work/
Saint Leo UniversitySaint LeoFLOnline MSW Programhttps://www.saintleo.edu/social-work-programs-online
Saint Louis UniversitySt. LouisMOMaster of Social Workhttps://www.slu.edu/public-health-social-justice/education/graduate/social-work-msw-phd.php
Saint Mary’s University of MinnesotaMinneapolisMNMSW Programhttps://onlineprograms.smumn.edu/msw/master-of-social-work
Salisbury UniversitySalisburyMDMSW Degreehttps://www.salisbury.edu/academic-offices/health-and-human-services/social-work/msw.aspx
Samford UniversityBirminghamALMaster of Social Workhttps://www.samford.edu/publichealth/master-of-social-work
San Jose State UniversitySan JoseCAMaster of Social Workhttps://www.sjsu.edu/socalwork
Simmons UniversityBostonMAMaster of Social Workhttps://online.simmons.edu/masters/msw/
Slippery Rock UniversitySlippery RockPAMaster of Social Workhttps://www.sru.edu/academics/graduate-programs/social-work-(master-of-social-work)
St. Ambrose UniversityDavenportIAMaster of Social Workhttp://www.sau.edu/master-of-social-work
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityNacogdochesTXMaster of Social Workhttps://www.sfasu.edu/academics/colleges/liberal-applied-arts/social-work
Temple UniversityPhiladelphiaPAMaster of Social Workhttps://cph.temple.edu/departments-research/departments/school-social-work
Texas A&M University-CommerceCommerceTXMaster of Social Workhttps://www.tamuc.edu/school-of-social-work/
Texas A&M University-KingsvilleKingsvilleTXMaster of Social Workhttps://www.tamuk.edu/artsci/departments/clhs/scwk/index.html
Texas State UniversitySan MarcosTXMaster of Social Workhttp://www.health.txstate.edu/sowk/
Touro CollegeNew YorkNYMaster of Social Workhttps://gssw.touro.edu/
Troy UniversityTroyALMaster of Social Workhttps://www.troy.edu/academics/academic-programs/graduate/
Tulane UniversityNew OrleansLAMaster of Social Workhttps://tssw.tulane.edu/
Union UniversityJacksonTNMaster of Social Workhttps://www.uu.edu/programs/socialwork/
University at Albany, State University of New YorkAlbanyNYMaster of Social Workhttp://www.albany.edu/ssw
University at Buffalo, State University of New YorkBuffaloNYMaster of Social Workhttp://www.socialwork.buffalo.edu/
University of AlabamaTuscaloosaALMaster of Social Workhttp://www.ua.edu/academic/colleges/socwork
University of Alaska, AnchorageAnchorageAKMaster of Social Workhttps://www.uaa.alaska.edu/socialwork
University of ArkansasFayettevilleARMaster of Social Workhttps://socialwork.uark.edu/
University of Arkansas at Little RockLittle RockARMaster of Social Workhttps://ualr.edu/socialwork/
University of Central FloridaOrlandoFLMaster of Social Workhttps://healthprofessions.ucf.edu/socialwork/
University of Colorado, Colorado SpringsColorado SpringsCOMSW Programhttps://spa.uccs.edu/programs/social-work-sw/msw
University of DenverDenverCOMaster of Social Workhttps://socialwork.du.edu/
University of GeorgiaAthensGAMaster of Social Workhttps://ssw.uga.edu/academics/master-social-work/
University of Hawai‘i at ManoaHonoluluHIMSW Degreehttps://www.hawaii.edu/sswork/msw/
University of HoustonHoustonTXMaster of Social Workhttp://www.uh.edu/socialwork
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUrbanaILMaster of Social Workhttps://socialwork.illinois.edu/academics/master-of-social-work/
University of IowaIowa CityIAMaster of Social Workhttps://clas.uiowa.edu/socialwork/
University of KentuckyLexingtonKYMSW Degreehttps://socialwork.uky.edu/academics/msw/
University of LouisvilleLouisvilleKYMaster of Science in Social Workhttps://louisville.edu/kent
University of MaineOronoMEMaster of Social Workhttps://umaine.edu/socialwork/
University of MichiganAnn ArborMIMaster of Social Workhttp://www.ssw.umich.edu/
University of MissouriColumbiaMOMaster of Social Workhttps://ssw.missouri.edu/
University of MontanaMissoulaMTBSW, Master of Social Workhttps://health.umt.edu/socialwork/
University of Nevada, RenoRenoNVMaster of Social Workhttps://www.unr.edu/social-work/
University of New EnglandPortlandMEOnline MSW Programhttps://www.une.edu/socialwork
University of New HampshireDurhamNHMaster of Social Workhttps://chhs.unh.edu/social-work
University of North AlabamaFlorenceALMaster of Social Workhttps://www.una.edu/socialwork/
University of North Carolina at CharlotteCharlotteNCMaster of Social Workhttps://socialwork.uncc.edu/
University of North DakotaGrand ForksNDMaster of Social Workhttps://cnpd.und.edu/social-work/index.html
University of Northern IowaCedar FallsIAMaster of Social Workhttps://csbs.uni.edu/socialwork/msw-graduate-degree
University of OklahomaNormanOKMaster of Social Workhttps://www.ou.edu/cas/socialwork
University of PikevillePikevilleKYMaster of Social Workhttps://www.upike.edu/graduate-studies/msw/
University of Saint ThomasSaint PaulMNMaster of Social Workhttps://www.stthomas.edu/socialwork/
University of South DakotaSioux FallsSDMaster of Science in Social Workhttp://www.usd.edu/socialwork
University of South FloridaTampaFLMaster of Social Workhttps://www.usf.edu/cbcs/social-work/
University of Southern CaliforniaLos AngelesCAMaster of Social Workhttps://dworakpeck.usc.edu/
University of Southern MainePortlandMEMaster of Social Workhttps://usm.maine.edu/swo
University of St. Francis, TheJolietILMSW Programhttps://www.stfrancis.edu/social-work-msw/
University of Tennessee at KnoxvilleKnoxvilleTNMaster of Science in Social Workhttps://www.csw.utk.edu/
University of Texas at ArlingtonArlingtonTXMaster of Social Workhttps://www.uta.edu/ssw
University of Texas-Rio Grande ValleyEdinburgTXMaster of Science in Social Workhttps://www.utrgv.edu/socialwork/
University of West FloridaPensacolaFLMaster of Social Workhttps://uwf.edu/ceps/departments/social-work/
Valdosta State UniversityValdostaGAMaster of Social Workhttps://www.valdosta.edu/academics/graduate-school/our-programs/social-work.php
Virginia Commonwealth UniversityRichmondVAOnline MSW Programhttps://socialwork.vcu.edu/programs/msw/
Walden UniversityMinneapolisMNMaster of Social Workhttps://www.waldenu.edu/online-masters-programs/master-of-social-work
West Virginia UniversityMorgantownWVMaster of Social Workhttps://socialwork.wvu.edu/
Western Kentucky UniversityBowling GreenKYMSW Degreehttp://www.wku.edu/msw
Western New Mexico UniversitySilver CityNMMaster of Social Workhttps://socialwork.wnmu.edu/
Widener UniversityChesterPAMaster of Social Workhttps://www.widener.edu/academics/graduate-studies/master-of-social-work-msw-degree
Winona State UniversityWinonaMNMaster of Social Workhttps://www.winona.edu/rochester/social-work/graduate.asp
Winthrop UniversityRock HillSCMaster of Social Workhttp://www.winthrop.edu/
Yeshiva UniversityNew YorkNYMaster of Social Workhttps://www.yu.edu/wurzweiler

CSWE-Accredited MSW Program Scholarships and Grants

Paying for your education is an important consideration that you may be thinking about when looking to attend an MSW program. There are a few financial tools available that can help.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the primary source of financial assistance for many students across the US. This application should be filled out once every year that you are in school. The application opens up October through March of the next year. It determines your eligibility based on factors such as your family income and a few other items. It will provide you with an estimate of the amount of money that you are likely to be expected to pay based on those items. Your FAFSA information will be sent to the schools that you indicate in the application. You may receive grants and/or federal loans from this process.

The CSWE also offers grants and scholarships to social work students. You can visit their website for more information on what is currently available.

Additionally, there are many websites available online that provide a list of a variety of scholarships to students. These websites typically provide the option to filter by type of scholarship, so you can find exactly what you are looking for. Some of these websites include:

CSWE Programs by State